Digital Sanitation Devices

Gel - Sanitizing | Moisturizing

  Digital Sanitizing Pro
Sanitizing Moisturizing

  • Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer
  • Refillable Sanitizer Bottle
  • Promotes Digital Messages on a 21:5 HD Display
  • Intel I3 Windows OS
  • Ram 8G
  • WiFi 2.4GHz / 5GHz
  • 128G Flash Memory
  • 5 Feet 8 Inches Tall
  • Touch Screen Interactivity
  • Windows Operating System with Intel I3 Processor
  • Customer Analytics Available via IoT Technology
  • Cloud Based Digital Content Manager
  • WiFi Auto Updates
  • AI Targeting
  • Free Standing or Wall Mountable
Capture Customer Analytics
The DSP can capture Non Invasive Data to the Content Management Platform for real time analytics of each stations public Interaction.
– Real-time Motion Data
– Non-Invasive Data
– No Privacy Issue
– Age, Customer Count, Dwell Time & more!

  Volume: 1 Gal (3.79L)
  Weight: N/A
  Dimensions: N/A
  Battery: N/A