Corporate Events

AdToScreen’s suite of Wi-Fi enabled hardware and software solutions are ideal for keeping guests and attendees engaged and informed while you display images and videos of products, schedules, informative graphics, website pages, social media feeds, and testimonials. Our unique offerings allow you to provide cell phone charging and hand sanitizing services to guests as they consume your customized sales and marketing content.


  Personalized Training – Our Customer Success team will develop a training program for all members of your staff who will be interacting with our hardware and software.

  Content Design - Our award-winning designers will create and manage your digital strategy.

  Implementation Services – A dedicated Event Coordinator will help you maximize your digital strategy.

  Shipping and delivery – All event rental packages include shipping and delivery to and from the site of your event in our custom travel cases.

  On-Site Support – Our support staff will be on site to set up, test equipment, and will remain on site throughout the duration of your event.

  Effortless Management – Upload your content and time the distribution. Send content to one device or thousands in real time.

  Analytics – Gauge your marketing and event staff’s performance! AdToScreen’s state-of-the-art hardware contains built-in cameras that collect non-invasive consumer analytics via IoT technology. This allows you to run impression reports, including dwell times, segmented by content and demographics.

  Content Solutions

  Wayfinding Signage – Help your guests and staff navigate through your event with directional signage.

  Directories and Calendars - Share directories, calendars, and schedules to keep your guests informed.

  Social Media Integration – Stream your YouTube content or integrate prefiltered content from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

  AI Targeting - Build, train, and deploy personalized content based on demographics or logos.

  Sponsored Advertising Opportunities – Monetize your digital displays through cooperative advertising and brand sponsorships.

  Interactive Experiences – Photobooth and Branded Game solutions to assist with capturing leads and creating excitement!

  Multi Content Zoning – Display different content in up to three zones.

  Live Content Deployment – Integrate live television or streaming content into any digital display.

Hardware Options

  Digital Charging Hub – White and Black
Digital Advertiser | Phone Charger | Dual displays

  Digital Sanitizer Pro
Interactive Digital Display | Handfree Sanitizing Station

  OSTV Controller
Turn any television into a digital display

  A-Frame Portable Display