Utilizing Digital Signage in Hospitals and Healthcare Offices

Across the world, people have become increasingly health-conscious, and for good reason. Hospitals, doctor’s offices and other buildings pertaining to the healthcare industry have stayed ahead of the game for quite some time when it comes to sanitizing and overall best practices for health and cleanliness. Continuing to provide patients, staff and healthcare professionals with the most up-to-date technologies to keep everyone safe and healthy is tremendously important.

Utilizing digital signage in hospitals and other healthcare offices enhances the patient, staff and visitor experience through convenient, safe and informative solutions. Reducing the high stress that is associated with a hospital visit is essential for patients and their visitors. Effective visual communications go a long way in ensuring a positive and comfortable experience.

Digital signage can begin making the process of a healthcare or hospital visit go smoothly right from the start with a digital welcome screen. This could be a static image or an interactive menu that gives the visitor the comfort of easily figuring out what they should expect from their visit. From a map of the hospital or office to highlighting upcoming programs or health fairs, etc., this digital welcome screen would be the first thing a patient or visitor would see and would be very beneficial to their visit.

Making life less stressful for the healthcare professionals at any hospital or office is always important. Implementing digital staff communication screens throughout the building would serve to have team goals, team achievements and other important information for the hospital staff posted in a convenient location, and could be easily updated as the information changes.

Perhaps one of the most valuable digital signage screens that could be used for patients would be a digital wait time screen. Having a screen that is touch-free and essentially germ-free in a waiting room for patients to see how much longer the wait time is before their visit would eliminate much of the stress for both the patient and the front desk staff in charge of check-ins. Protect patient privacy by offering a unique code at check-in so they can quickly and easily see where they are in line and how much longer until they will be seen.

Providing each hospital room with a digital menu screen makes for a germ-free way for the kitchen to communicate with patients and their visitors about what meals and snacks are available that day. Because digital signage can be so easily updated, this is the perfect way to utilize such a technology in a hospital full of patients who may have specific diets or food allergies.

Utilizing digital signage in hospitals and healthcare offices makes an, often, uncomfortable and stressful situation easier on everyone involved. Through convenient, touch-free messaging it is simple to have questions answered and information shared without spreading germs from person to person.